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We bring widespread awareness to improve the quality of life during cancer treatment for children.

Whats on our laptops...

Whats on our laptops..

Our Base operating system is built for children centered upon the needs of each little girl or boy. It aids in the connectivity to the outside world while undergoing treatment. Being highly customized, some screens are gender specific. It comes per-installed with educational games for children ages 3 to 8. Each child will be able to interact (through the keyboard and mouse), with their computer. The games are bright, friendly, and on a whole, captivating. There are logic games, puzzles, and strategy games. Memory improvement, reading, spelling and also math based games. When there is this kind of engagement a child will be having fun with a smile while they are learning. There's even a game that will teach them to program. Imagine your child's face when he or she builds their very own first game all by themselves. This is a vital activity emotionally. We can't stress how much concern is placed on being easy to use as well. Icons are large and easy to read. Its design is intuitive. It's this way so even the youngest of users can always find what they want to do without any trouble. It empowers a child and set's their minds free to relax, enjoy, . Ever learning and being themselves.

Our Second stage operating system is able to accomplish the coverage of a more vast age range. Its base is used for the children ages 9 to 17. Yet its capacity has been designed to carry a child well into a young adult or further. Even into his or hers college years if they so choose. Its cohesiveness, integrated tools to aid the older child, coupled with an easy-to-use learning platform is vital to achieving happiness. We've aimed it towards the needs of a young student. Still covering the kid inside all of us for its many social platforms like, file transferring, graphics,email and browsers. It's fully loaded with various high end sound and video applications. All aimed at increasing the learning process. There is a completeness for a growing child's needs. Its messaging platform is aimed to increase the child's social awareness and importance of family and friends. Yet we did not sacrifice the gamer within each of the kids nor their ability to create for themselves. To nurture the dreamer inside every child. From the adoption of this computing platform for the older kids we have honed and shaped it to be of life long help. We continue to tailor it to fit each child as necessary for the fully custom experience never to be forgotten by that child.

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