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We bring widespread awareness to improve the quality of life during cancer treatment for children.

Personal Stories

Personal Stories

Send us your story with your experience. It will give courage to others. It will help them to be stronger and fight against this disease in a difficult time.
Your story can appear here. It would serve as an example that could give help and support for a great many others.

Tell us which hospitals have helped you, which doctor you might recommend, and or how you have experienced the disease.



Daddy's Little Angel

You were conceived to pass away,
this was his master plan.
You were too great to be with us,
this I start to understand.

How do you tell a worried mom,
she'll never hear her baby's cry.
Knowing the first thing she'll ask,
is plainly, simply, Why?

I'll never forget the doctor's face,
she tried hard to be strong.
She delivered Zachary then walked out,
something had gone wrong.

Two days earlier we heard his heart,
everything was fine.
That's my baby's heart I hear.
Yup, that baby's mine.

One thing I do thank god for,
Is she let me see that face.
Those feet, those hands, that hair, that nose,
all perfectly in it's place.

Your tiny little lifeless body,
snuggled next to mine.
Whispering in your ear with love,
everything will be just fine.

You've gone to meet our true father,
the lord from up above.
He'll give you everything you need,
including all our love.

This does not mean we'll forget you now,
I promise you we won't.
Promise me you won't forget us,
just please my baby don't.

My precious, little Zachary
My angel up above.
You'll always be that perfect one,
the angel that I love.



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