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We bring widespread awareness to improve the quality of life during cancer treatment for children.

Apply for Laptop

Apply for Laptop

You can apply for Laptop here

Minimum Requirements for submitting a Laptop request

  • All requests should come through your caseworker or your primary Doctor. (At the very least you must be the primary care giver.)

  • All Information must be verifiable by Laptops of love staff. (You may call us and give us all the necessary information if you choose. This is quicker many times. ** Important** If you do this remember to contact your child’s caseworker and Doctor and let them know it is ok to speak with us about your child for verification of information.)

  • The child must not at present have a laptop that is readily accessible to them during the hospital stay. (Meaning, they must not have one at home.)

  • The child must be in a hospital at present or in the transition stage. (These are things like moving between home and hospital for chemotherapy, moving from a hospital to a stay rehabilitation center.)


These Qualifications are not meant to keep laptops from kids in any way. These qualifiers are in place so that your child will have a laptop each time he or she needs one. Please make sure to contact your Doctor or your Caseworker immediately if your child is in need of a Laptop.


Not all children will qualify. It happens from time to time. We are working on this issue though.

Requesting a Laptop for your child

If your child meets the requirements then this is what we need from you.


Please leave your phone number that is most accessible to you and the soonest we may contact you. Our call to you takes at best, 5 to 7 minutes. We do all we can to make this as quick as we can for you.

 Thank you

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