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We bring widespread awareness to improve the quality of life during cancer treatment for children.

About us Our philosophy

Our philosophy


We have the unique ability to implement creative ideas that better the quality of life for children in cancer treatment or for that matter any child with a life threating illness. With the help of people who share the same goals, ideals and values coupled with compassion  we are able to achieve such standards. Each family unique. Each child an individual. Each set of circumstances different every time. This mindset allows us to personalize each case according to individual needs. What we do every day is highly personal as well as enormously rewarding. Our volunteers work with us and therefore witness the triumphs that they themselves have created and nurtured.

With great appreciation, admiration, due diligence, love, and laughter we can place before an ill child a one of a kind, recycled, highly personalized, fun laptop. It's a means to let the child just be a kid again. To laugh without worry.  For a family to know that whatever the outcome of their situation, communication was able to take place with ease. The side effects are a stronger family bond, and better relationships with friends and loved ones.

Recycling is part of our daily job. It's carried out in such a unique way that it has become fun experience everyone involved. This is something we are very excited about. Laptops Of Love is one of three places in the world that utilizes this method. As a Charity this is the only true, real non-profit way that works. It's completely scalable to any project. It can be utilized to cleanup a street, town, city or Country. It works under any circumstances. If you would like to learn more about recycling and the various methods used throughout the world, please contact us at: E-Mail Image . In the subject line please type the word "recycling." How we recycle is the same way we help the children, quietly, effectively and completely. You're helping the world by helping a child! Whether it be through a monetary or non-monetary donation. There is still one more key part  that is important to us.

Security for the many children we are privileged to help is our highest concern. It remains unrivaled as part of our ongoing efforts. Families allows us into their lives to help. It's at this moment that families are most vulnerable. It's also why we are counted upon every time for the highest level of trust with any and all information that concerns the family as well as the child. Hospitals and case workers alike are thrilled at our ability to come in discreetly,  to help a child and get out. There is no notoriety to be found here! It's in this truth that we survive and work every day. If you seek rewards & recognition they are not here.

Through our belief in people and with your help we can fulfill our goal. To help children in dire crises. Please help us! Our volunteers and supporters have given of themselves selflessly and without any expectations.  They have our utmost respect. They are a vital part of Laptops Of Love. Are you?


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