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We bring widespread awareness to improve the quality of life during cancer treatment for children.

About us How it began...

How it Began....

“Few may know about us, but many have been helped by us.”

My name is Martin Mahkovtz and I'm the founder of Laptops Of love. We are glad you’re here. Please enjoy your visit with us. Our hope is that you see and/or learn new ways you could help the many children fighting cancer or any life threating illness for that matter. You just might be very surprised at what we do with very few resources.

“All we hope and pray for is the opportunity to provide some degree of comfort to children and families in need."

 As a child I questioned everyting about God and the uncertaintity of life. I thought talking to God was done only when there was a problem. Sound familiar to anyone? People often reminded me about what was important. That's also why it's so true about never knowing how things are going to work out. I'm living proof. Anyhow, lets move on.

Years later, I found myself in a business of my own.  I hadn't really seen the world, only my small and insignificant part in it. It was all about work. I was no longer the dreamer. Some would say “that's a good thing." Some would even say “your growing up, becoming more mature.” Nothing was further from the truth! The dreamer was a vital part of my being and would become the foundation of Laptops Of Love.

If it had not been for the dreamer in me, I would never have been able to bring a speck of sunshine to some very deserving individuals. If I had not acknowledged and nurtured the dreamer within me, too many children would have felt all alone during the worst times of their lives. Families would be less prepared to deal with the separation from their children and overwhelmed by these circumstances. With Laptops of Love, a simple computer will keep them connected at all times. 



And so the dream continues...

It started like this. I was making a sculpture for a dear friend. His wife  was pregnant with their second child. It was to be a Christmas present. I always put great thought about the person, their likes and dislikes, coloration etc. into what I'm creating. This also lets me know I'm on the right track for what they want. The point is this. When you're allowed into peoples lives and  given a high level of trust, the connection and  relationship that forms becomes very strong! That level of trust resides in Laptops Of Love, and we are highly protective of it. Thats about to come in very handy as well. To get back on track, when he paid me, he also gave me a laptop no longer being used. There was some proprietary software on its hard drive. It needed to be removed so that I could place a new OS on the laptop. His generous gift, this one laptop would change my priorities in the days to come.

The day that changed everything arrives...

It was in the afternoon when we received the call about Nora.  In total shock, I watched the shadows on the kitchen wall.  It felt as if time just took this deep breath and held it as everything went dead quiet. Everything seemed so much smaller and just insignificant in the world at that moment. Mom had answered the phone. The only line that we could hear was” they found a golf ball sized tumor where?” It was in Nora's head lodged between the brain and the stem. This was on a Friday in the month of November. It blew cold outside that afternoon for no reason at all other than to add to an already miserable day.  Everything was getting ready to all fall into place. And now we waited.

The MRI was done that same day. On Monday the doctors operated on little Nora for 13.5 hours. She was just 3.5 years old. Once removed, she started chemotherapy. Today Nora is 5+ years old. During those difficult years she had to relearn some basic skills. But she is alive and thriving. Every day she gets better and we are grateful for the progress she makes one day at a time. So much and too much for any child to handle alone. I recognized her need for human contact. All she wanted was her mommy and daddy. I felt her fear and pain. It was in this moment my life changed forever. What could I do to bring some comfort to Nora? The idea must have come from God. Why not set up the laptop my dear friend had given me and teach her some simple basic steps to contact her mommy & daddy whenever she felt alone or afraid. No child should ever be afraid, alone or isolated during a medical crisis. And so Laptops Of Love was born from the dreamer and one laptop.

This was the birth of Laptops Of Love....

 From that day till now, we make it our priority to always give our best. Every project we undertake is given for free. We customize each computer to the individual child. We often think outside the box and remain open to new ideas. Some only moments old.  In addition to providing  laptops and computers to  children we are also protecting our environment by recycling and using everything we can. After all our children will inherit the planet. And so we promise to provide the best possible service to children in need while protecting our environment.

“Whatever we do, must first and foremost always be for the children!”

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